4th Grade - Summer Work & Supply List

4th Grade – Summer Work & Supply List

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year’s summer work will be on Freckle.  Each student is requires to spend 30 minutes a week in ELA and 30 minutes in Math.  In Math, students should continue to complete Math Fact Practice and Math Adaptive Practice in all areas available.  In ELA, practice skills in all areas available.   Please remember these are skills that are ongoing and need consistent practice.

Please find listed below the school supplies that need to be purchased at home for your fourth grade student.  These items are not included in the supply fee that you will receive in September.

Please only send the size/number listed below.  These amounts will fit into the school pencil case.

● Expanding Portfolio from Staples (with at least 5 sections) ​Please NO zipper binders.

● 5 sharpened #2 pencils​ ​NO MECHANICAL PENCILS

● 2 red sharpened pencils and 5- #2 sharpened pencils

● 2 ​large​ glue sticks ( Must be labeled with name. They will be going in a bin for storage and used as needed.)

● 1- 24 box of Crayola crayons (​no larger​)

● 1 pkg of 12 colored pencils

● 1- 12 inch ruler (labeled with name)

● 1 pkg of 8 ​thin​ markers

● 2 ​yellow​ highlighters (labeled with name)

● 1 pkg Avery: Reinforcement for Hole Punched pages (​200 pack​) can be found at Staples for approximately $3.00

● 1 ​recipe​ card index ​BOX

● 1 pkgs of 100 ​WHITE LINED​ index cards (3×5 size)

● 4 ​thick​ black Expo markers (Must be labeled with name. They will be going in a bin for storage and used as needed.)

● 5 gallon size ziplock bags with name on them

Please send in all supplies on the first day of school. As a reminder, all soft back books will be sent home the first week of school to be covered in clear contact paper. Also, no pencil sharpeners, scissors, or calculators should be sent to school. The only supplies needed are listed above. Therefore, any items that are brought in that are not on the list will be returned home.

Please do not send in tissues, paper towels, or wipes. Your child will be assigned a month to bring in those supplies. There is not enough storage in the classroom to receive them all at once.


Girls must have shoes with a strap.

Have a safe and relaxing summer.  We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year with your child in fourth grade.

God bless you.

Mrs. Kathy Blee and Mrs. Maria Beck


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