Our Parent Ambassadors are current parent volunteers who are carefully selected to welcome new families and to establish channels of regular communication with our new families.  As veterans of ARCS, these Parent Ambassadors are familiar with the culture of our school and understand the rules, the players, the events, the opportunities and the confusions that new parents experience.

The following are current Parent Ambassadors per grade…please feel free to contact them (new and old families) with any questions you might have!

Pre-K – Nicole Tunis (email)

Kindergarten – Molly Casella (email)

1st grade – Erin Todd (email)

2nd grade – Kristin Napolitano (email)

3rd grade – Veronica Lee (email)

4th grade – Rebecca Moore (email)

5th grade – Carrie Mastro (email)

6th grade – Earth Nieves (email)

7th grade – Duk Hee Catalina (email)

8th grade – Janie Jordal (email)