Day 14 Remote Learning

Day 14 Remote Learning

Greetings, ARCS Families, on this Monday of Holy Week!

It is hard to believe that we are beginning our 4th Week of Remote Learning and are on Day 14.  You and your children remain close in the prayers of our faculty and staff, and there is not a day that goes by that we would not prefer to be in school with them.

Below is a prayer for you and your family on this HOLY Monday:

God is saying to you today;

Rest in me.  I am already at

work in your life.  I will turn

around every bad situation

in your life.  I will bless you

and your family and I will

heal what needs to be healed.


As we move through this holiest of holy weeks, we will journey with Jesus to the Last Supper, Passion and Death, and to the  joy of the Resurrection on Easter.  As Pope John Paul II said, we are an Easter people, and Alleluia is our song.  Let us continue to live in the hope of the Resurrection as we move through these days that remain uncertain and sometimes a bit scary for us.  Lean into God’s expansive love and remember that just like God was with Jesus, God is with us as well!

I wanted to remind you that our guidance counselor, Mrs. Sartorio, is available to meet with your child or groups of children during these days.  Sometimes it is good just to have someone else to share with.  Please be in touch with Mrs. Sartorio at

Below are three links:

Greeting and Morning Prayer

Afternoon Prayer ~ (Thanks, Angel Elefante, 6th Grade and Student Council member)

Special Guest

My hope is that you are feeling connected to our ARCS community during these remote learning days.  We are always thinking about other ways to connect with you and to make you feel connected with us.

Let us continue to hold in prayer our ARCS families, faculty and staff, health care workers, first responders, those who have been affected by the coronavirus, and all who continue to provide needed services and goods for us.

We also hold our students in prayer as they navigate through these times!  The pictures you share on our Facebook page bring smiles to our faces, and it is good to see them each day.


Joan Dollinger


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