Day 20 Remote Learning

Day 20 Remote Learning

Greetings, ARCS Community!

Blessings are extended to you on this day!  Hoping that your day has been good for you and for your children!  I got to Zoom today with a few classes and was so happy to see the children’s smiling faces!

Attached to this email is a book that helps children to understand the need to wear masks during the COVID-19 crisis.  I hope you find it helpful.

Below are three links:

Morning Greeting and Prayer

Afternoon Prayer (Thanks, Justin!)

Special Guest (Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare! Thanks, Miss Janansky!)

As we continue with Remote Learning, I continue to thank you for your support of your children at this time.  Our teachers are working to present varied lessons to  keep the children engaged and learning.  (Mrs. Flammer posts a “recap” to the previous day each morning on Facebook so that you are able to see what is taking place throughout the school.) No, it is not the same as our daily interacting with students, and something is missing by being apart.  I would like to give a huge shout out to teachers, parents and students for their faithfulness in making these days work!   Thank you!!!

Prayers continue at this time for all those affected by COVID-19, for our health care workers and first responders, for those who provide us with needed goods and services, and for one another.


Joan Dollinger


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