Day 21 Remote Learning

Day 21 Remote Learning

Greetings, ARCS Community!

We have made it to the end of Week 5 of Remote Learning!  Congratulations and thank you for all the effort that went into the week!  Once again, I had the opportunity to join in several Zoom classes today, and I was so excited to see the teachers and students!

This weekend is the 3rd Sunday of Easter.   The Easter season represents some of the most profound encounters that Jesus had with others.   In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus meets with two of his followers who do not recognize him while traveling to Emmaus. It was when he broke bread with them, that their eyes were opened and they recognized him calling out, “Were not our hearts burning while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?”  Jesus desperately desires for his followers to know that he will meet us where we are…..right in the middle of our daily concerns.  Jesus offers us his love and help. There is no better time than what we are going through right now to recognize that Jesus is walking the road with us.

May we always remember to reach out to Jesus and to accept the grace that he offers us. Beginning next week, we will be starting a weekly food drive for the South Jersey Community Food Bank.  More information will be coming about this opportunity to share Jesus with others.   At ARCS, our teachers and staff bear witness to Jesus each day to their students, even remotely, and our students bear witness to Jesus to one another.  This is a great blessing that we share by being in a Catholic school!   We do not take this sacred privilege lightly!

Below are three links:

Greeting and Morning Prayer

Afternoon Prayer (Thanks, Brandon!)

Special Guest (In honor of Arbor Day, Mrs. Naples has a special message for us!)

I hope that everyone has a great weekend and that you are able to take some time to relax, renew, and refresh!  Please try to livestream liturgy so that you are able to join in prayer and worship with others!

Know that you remain in my prayer each and every day!  Let us continue to pray for our health care workers, first responders, those suffering from the COVID-19, those who supply us with needed goods and services, for our school community, and for one another!


Joan Dollinger


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