Junior High

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Minor Subject Website https://sites.google.com/a/arcsgalloway.org/minor-subjects/

Please note….Remote Learning for Junior High is currently taking place through Google Classroom.  They receive daily notices from their teachers with classroom instructions.  If you have questions regarding your child’s classwork please email the teacher directly.


Teacher                     Homeroom       Email                                           Subject

Susan Picardi                6A                    spicardi@arcsgalloway.org               Social Studies

Tracey Molfino             6B                    tmolfino@arcsgalloway.org              Math

Patricia Naples             7A                    pnaples@arcsgalloway.org                Science

Mary Crosson               7B                    mcrosson@arcsgalloway.org             Religion

Jillian Pritchett             8A                   jpritchett@arcsgalloway.org            JR High Writing

Geraldine Janansky     8B                    gjanasjy@arcsgalloway.org              JR High Reading