Local Retailers Become A Fundraising Partner

Local Retailers Become A Fundraising Partner

Dear ,  Local Retailers

I’m reaching out to you on behalf of Assumption Regional

As a local business owner you are a vital member of the community, and we’d like to extend to you an opportunity to gain additional business from our members, while giving back at the same time!

Our organization participates in a program called scrip fundraising. It works like this: families in our organization order gift cards through our program and pay face value, and we buy the gift cards from our scrip supplier, or directly from our local retailers, for a lesser amount. Our organization keeps the difference, called a rebate, and we use the funds we raise from sc rip to :

Basically, families are able to fundraise for our organization just by using gift cards for their shopping, instead of credit cards or cash. Now here’s where you come in: we’re able to order gift cards for most national retailers through Great Lakes Scrip Center (www.ShopWithScrip.com), but many of the families in our organization would also like to support local businesses like yours!

Scrip shoppers are loyal, and appreciate the businesses that help them raise money with scrip. Many of them will only shop at stores that offer scrip! Participating in our scrip program will not only create good relationships with people in our community, but will encourage new shoppers to visit just because they can order scrip for your store.

We would love to be able to offer gift cards for your business to the families in our program. You would be providing a great boost to our fundraising efforts, and in return you would receive the grateful support of loyal scrip shoppers. And it won’t take much! All you need to do is a set a rebate percentage for our organization to purchase your gift cards. For example, if you set a rebate of 10%, our members pay full face value for a $25 gift card, and we’ll purchase the card from you for $22.50. The $2.50 difference is our fundraising proceed. To see some of the percentages for comparable retailers available through scrip, see their full list of retailers at www.ShopWithScrip.com/Shop/. Select a category that fits from the list on the left to see rebates for similar retailers.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you’ll consider joining our scrip program! If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me by phone or email and I’ll be happy to explain.


Program Coordinator Samantha Guerro

If you still have questions, please contact Samantha Guerro at momofbaseball@aol.com or 609-226-7645.

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!

The ARCS SCRIPT code is #27L4LAE37569


Benefits of being a partner:
One beautiful thing about scrip is that it heavily influences shopper behavior, as they actively seek out retailers who will help them earn money for the nonprofit organizations they are passionate about. Scrip shoppers are loyal, committed customers who will continue to shop with a retailer in order to earn rebates to support organizations they are heavily involved with such as their children’s school, band, or sports team.

One of the biggest keys in the business world is staying competitive, and one of the best ways to do that is to become a retail partner with Great Lakes Scrip Center. With a “fundraising while you shop” mentality, our nonprofit organizations direct more business your way with little effort from your end.

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