Mission Statement

Our mission at Assumption Regional Catholic School is to CREATE, INSPIRE, and NURTURE an environment that embraces GOSPEL VALUES, and meets the academic needs of each student for the growth of our school community.

Our Philosophy

The aim of Catholic education should be the total child. Assumption Regional Catholic School is committed to living out the message of Christian joy and hope and is dedicated to educate students for Christian service to our community and the world. We seek to integrate gospel values into the lives of the students at Assumption. The success of our mission can be seen in the lives that we touch — our stakeholders. Mission Statement >


We foster in our students a positive self-image that is essential as our students discover and aspire to a mastery of curriculum that is commensurate with each unique potential. We provide our students with the fundamental skills needed to succeed in higher educational goals and in life. We do all this in a safe and loving setting, built on Christian faith. Admission Process >


Parents are an integral part of the education process. We maintain an open approach to parental involvement and participation in Assumption Regional School. We are entrusted with these parents’ most precious gift from God. It is incumbent upon Assumption Regional Catholic School to provide a balanced educational environment which follows all guidelines of the Diocese of Camden, all of the guidelines of the State of New Jersey and, most importantly, all the guidelines of the life and teachings of Christ. Contact Us >


We foster a professional environment where our teachers can work with dignified pay, develop their skills, advance their careers, and experience personal growth by enriching the lives of others. Meet Our Teachers >


We serve the greater community by demonstrating our social and moral values on a daily basis. We understand that our school community is part of a larger community. By actively encouraging our students to participate in athletic, civic, and cultural activities we enhance the communities we live in.


Assumption Regional Catholic School is an outward sign of the commitment to Catholic education by the Camden Diocese. Understanding our role in the larger picture promotes the value of Catholic education and enhances the investment the diocese has made.

As members of a community of faith, we give witness to the meaning of Christian service by developing the skills and deportment needed to enhance community. The religious instruction at Assumption Regional Catholic School has three distinct responsibilities:

  • To INSTRUCT students in God’s message
  • To DEVELOP an environment of fellowship
  • To AID students in finding ways to serve the Christian community

Assumption Regional Catholic School provides a balanced educational environment which follows all the guidelines of the Diocese of Camden, all of the guidelines of the State of New Jersey and, most importantly, all of the guidelines of the life and teachings of Christ.


Assumption Regional Catholic School is proud to be accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission of Elementary Schools.  This process is a challenging and lengthy self-assessment through which the school establishes and implements a 7 year improvement plan, and then receives an evaluation and set of recommendations by a professional and impartial team.  This is the same accreditation process that Stockton University employs.  ARCS completed it’s last accreditation in 2019.

The Monthly Kindness Awards At ARCS

“Grateful” September  (1) – Everything we have does not come from us, but from God.  We should thank God every day with a grateful heart and remember to share our blessings with others.

“Peaceful” October (7) – When we are peaceful, we can help bring that peace to others.  One way is to be patient and kind and to help others to work out their differences with love.

“Humble” November (3) – Look for opportunities to allow another person to go first, or to have the bigger  or better part of something.  Also, a good follower of Jesus does not brag, show off, or disrespect parents or teachers or fellow students.

“Joyful” December (9) – When we are joyful, our smile radiates a room.  We encourage others to sing and laugh and to see the beauty around us.  Our joy is contagious and can help to brighten another’s day.

“Just” January (4) – To act justly is to help make the world a better place for all God’s children.  This includes acts of service to help those in need to have a better life, and standing up for those who are mistreated in any way.

“Understanding” February (2) – If we know someone who is sad or hurting, we can share his or her sorrow and help to comfort that person.  It is important to think of others, not just ourselves.

“Forgiving” March (5) – Forgiveness goes two ways.  We are called to forgive those who hurt us, and we are called to ask forgiveness when we hurt others.

“Be Proud of Jesus” April (8) – We should not be afraid to stand up for our faith and for what we believe, even when others might make fun of us.  Jesus loves us and is proud of us…..we should be proud of our faith in Jesus as well.  Being prayerful is a great way to be proud of Jesus.

“Respectful” May (6) – We should stay away from people, things, or situations that will not help us to grow in holiness.  We should honor our classmates and teachers and parents by treating them as Jesus taught us….with love.


The student acts morally, seeks and grants forgiveness and is accountable for their actions.

The student lives by the words-“What Would Jesus Do” 

By sharing the spirit:

  • Demonstrates acts of friendship
  • Exhibits strong school spirit
  • Causes others to be valued and included
  • Shows excellent attitude and spirit
  • Recognizes school mates as unique
  • Involved in spiritual life of the school

Additional criteria:

  • Improvement in good grades
  • Good attendance or improvement in attendance/tardiness
  • Behavior
  • Attitude toward others/learning
  • Good citizenship or improvement in citizenship
  •  Classroom participation
  • Demonstrates responsibility
  • Respectful to peers and staff

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