Remote Learning Day 15

Remote Learning Day 15

Greetings, Parents and Guardians, on this Tuesday of Holy Week,

Hoping that your day is going well, and that your children have been successful with their learning!

At this point in time, you may be wondering when we will be physically returning to school.  All I can share now is that we will not be returning to our building the week of April 20.  We will have our Easter break, which begins tomorrow, April 8, and on April 20 we will return to school via remote learning for that week.  As soon as I hear something more about when we will return to the building, I will let you know.  We just do not know any more than that right now.

During our break, our teachers will continue to search additional ways to move ahead with the curriculum.  Some of the platforms currently in place are Google Classroom, Zoom, Quizziz, and Flipgrid.  In addition to that, new material is being presented through programs such as Freckle, Delta Math, Super Kids, Scholastic (reading, science, social studies), and other resources. We are working on additional ones as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher.

Recently, there has been some concern regarding Zoom in terms of “zoom bombing”, which is people getting into a class “uninvited.”  Recently, Zoom put in much stronger security features such as creating waiting rooms whereby the host must let a student in, and having passwords.  This will help tremendously.

Please remember to visit our “Remote Learning” tab on our homepage.  There are many resources available there.  When we return on April 20, you will see that the minor subject assignments will be modified to better assist with the students’ work schedule.

Please know that I continue to be so very grateful to you, our students, and our teachers for everything each person has taken on during this time in our world, country, neighborhoods, and families.  What we are experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic is NOT normal in any way shape or form.  Many of you are working full time from home, some of you have been furloughed, and you are assisting your children in learning during a pandemic, which is much different than “homeschooling.”  Your children’s lives are certainly affected by not being in school, not being with their teachers and friends, not having their teams, and possibly holding some fear about what is taking place.  Our teachers are learning a new craft, remote learning, and putting in 12-14 hours per day in planning, connecting with their classes, connecting with you, and in learning new platforms to present material.  While there have certainly been gifts along the way (increased quality family time being one), we are still adapting to these challenging days.  While I am confident that we will get through this together, we need to allow ourselves the freedom to be gentle with ourselves. That is my prayer for each one of us:  parent, student, and teacher/staff.  May we lean into the abundant grace of God now and always.

Below are three links:

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Report Cards for the 3rd Marking Period will be sent home either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning.  If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch with your child’s teacher.

Prayerful blessings,

Joan Dollinger


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