Remote Learning Day 17

Remote Learning Day 17

Greetings, ARC Community!

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!

Welcome back to “school.”  I hope that you had a blessed Easter and that your week was filled with rest, renewal, and fun!

Blessings and congratulations are extended to Mrs. Downey and her family on the birth of Taya Renee on April 13.  On Saturday, Mrs. Stacey King gave birth to Joanna Joy.  Today, Mrs. Jennifer Petruzzi gave birth to Luca Geno.  We celebrate with these families on the gift of new life!  Welcome to the ARCS family!

Below are three links:

Greeting and Morning Prayer

Afternoon Prayer (Thank you, Peter!)

Special Guest

As we enter our 5th Week of remote learning, please remember that our teachers are diligently working to help the children meet with success in their learning.  Thank you for your support as we could not do it without you!

Last week at the Easter liturgy, Father Tom shared a beautiful story about hope.  While these days away from school are difficult, our hope in better days to come enables us to keep our eyes forward.  God is very much a part of our journey.

Let us continue to pray for all those affected by COVID-19, for our health care workers, first responders, those whose jobs have been furloughed, our children, and for all those who are providing for our needs.


Joan Dollinger


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