Remote Learning Day 18

Remote Learning Day 18

Greetings, ARCS Community,

Hoping that you have had a good day and that it was good for your children as well!

It is with much pleasure that I announce the winners of the Catholic Daughters of America Education Contest.  Students in Grades 5-8 had the opportunity to participate with the other Catholic schools in our region.  Congratulations on a job well done to our ARCS students:

Division 1

Poetry:  1st Place, Mary Lynn (5th Grade)

Division 2

Poetry:  Naomi Shriver (6th Grade)

Essay:  2nd Place, Amanda Salvati; 3rd Place, Jenna Petruzzi

Art:  3rd Place, Allison Lee

Below are three links:

Greeting and Morning Prayer:

Afternoon Prayer (Thanks, Julia)

Special Guests

Tomorrow is “Spirit Day” and Earth Day.  Please post pictures of your children in their ARCS spirit wear while outside enjoying the gift of God’s creation.  They might even clean up around the yard!

Please know of my deep gratitude to you for everything that you are doing to support your children during these days.  I recognize how much has been placed upon you, and you are doing an amazing job.  You and your family are held in prayer each day!  Thank you!


Joan Dollinger


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