Remote Learning Day 28

Remote Learning Day 28

Greetings, ARCS Families!

We are on our 28th day of remote learning!  It is a beautiful day, and I hope that you are able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation all around us!

It is Teacher Appreciation Day!  How grateful I am for the love, dedication, commitment, and zeal of our faith-filled faculty!  Our teachers are the visible representation of Jesus, the Master Teacher, and they are committed to serving God’s children at ARCS.  During these days of remote learning, our teachers have provided our students with meaningful and engaging lessons while also watching out for their emotional needs. We are indeed blessed!

When the announcement was made yesterday about school buildings not reopening this year, our teachers were deeply affected that they will not be in their classrooms again with their students.  While this decision was not unexpected, the reality is quite difficult.  Teacher Appreciation Day came at the right time, for certain!

Thank you to our families for the beautiful messages for our teachers,and I hope that you enjoy watching the video link below.  (Many thanks to Mrs. Flammer for splicing the video together……it was  no easy task!)

I would also like to acknowledge the many teachers that we have in our ARCS community!  Thank you for your dedication to the teaching profession and for everything that you are doing for your students during these challenging days!

On Friday, May 8, we will be having a May Crowning at 1:00 PM.  This will be live-streamed through our ARCS Facebook page.  I hope that you are able to be a part of this honored tradition during the month of May.  While it will be very different from the past, we are grateful for the opportunity to honor Mary.

Please remember that we are collecting food for the South Jersey Community Food Bank tomorrow until 1:00 PM.  Thank you for your donations!

Below are three links:

Morning Greeting and Prayer

Afternoon Prayer (Thank you, Mikayla)

Teacher Appreciation (Thank you, teachers!)

Let us continue to hold in prayer our health care workers, first responders, those providing our needed goods and services, our teachers, our students, and our families.


Joan Dollinger


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