Remote Learning Day 38

Remote Learning Day 38

Greetings, ARCS Families!

We are on Day 38 of remote learning, and I hope that you are having a good day!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to Zoom or view videos of several classes!  I enjoyed learning about the letter R and number 18 in PreK 4; viewing the SuperKids instructional video and long i practice in 2nd Grade; adding angles in 4th Grade; making line plots in 5th Grade; and how to calculate gravitational potential energy in 8th Grade Science.  It was a full day, yet very fruitful!  I am grateful to our teachers for the many ways that they continue to move forward with our diocesan curriculum!

In planning for next year, it is my sincere hope that we will be back in school while recognizing that there may be protocols that will need to be followed.  It is important, though, to also prepare for the possibility of remote learning.  Principals throughout the diocese are forming a working committee to work on a remote learning plan.  I volunteered to serve on the committee.  Additionally, I hope to send home a survey to you to ask about what instructional components you feel are important to meet the needs of your children.  Please look for that!  Your input is important!

Below are three links:

Morning Greeting and Prayer

Afternoon Prayer (Thank you, Mikayla)

Special Guest (Thank you, Mrs. Giardina and Victoria!)

May we continue to hold in prayer our health care workers, first responders, those affected by COVID-19, all those providing needed goods and services, our families, our teachers, and ourselves.

Thank you for your continued support!  Please remember to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.


Joan Dollinger


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