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School Calendar

The official school calendar is published annually by the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools with the approval of the bishop. The calendar is designed to meet the minimum of 180 days required by state law. A monthly calendar is published by the school noting information and local school activities.

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Regular school attendance is imperative. Each day of absence is detrimental to the pupil’s progress. New Jersey school law stipulates that “Every parent, guardian, or other person having custody and control of a child between the ages  of six and sixteen shall cause such child regularly to attend the non-public schools of the district of a day school in which there is given instruction equivalent to that provided in the public schools for  children of similar grades and attainments   or to receive equivalent instruction elsewhere than a school.” (18A:38-25)

Students should be in attendance from the beginning of the day (7:50) until dismissal (2:20). Students who arrive late must be accompanied by a parent who is to sign the student in at the main office. Any student who arrives after 7:50 is considered late. Students in grades 4-8 who acquire eight (8) late days will be given a detention to be served on the following school day.  Students in grades 1-3 who acquire eight late days will be given a lunch detention.

When a student is absent, the parent/guardian must call the school office by 8:30.

A student who is absent from school is required to bring a written excuse signed by their parent/guardian, stating the dates and reason for the absence.

In compliance with Diocesan regulations, excessive absence may require that the student  be retained in that  grade. The policy also states that parents of students who have missed 10 or more cumulative days of school be notified in the following manner:

  • After 10 cumulative days of absenteeism, a written warning notice will be forwarded to the parents. It is expected that the parents will respond to the principal as a result of the
  • After 18 cumulative days of absenteeism, a parent conference will be scheduled with the principal to inform parents of appropriate corrective

Only one alternate education experience per year, (i.e. high school visit) is permitted per year.

After 3 days of absence, a doctor’s note must be sent to the school along with the parent/guardian’s note.

Parents/guardians must notify the office of any contagious disease.

In the event that a student is absent due to long term illness, homebound instruction will be arranged through the Special Services of the Local Education Agency by the principal.

Chronic lateness or absenteeism requires a conference with the parent in an effort to correct the irregularity and establish consequences for all lateness.

All medical or dental appointments should be made for outside the school day. Any student who needs to be excused early for any reason should come to school with a note stating the reason, time, and who will be picking them up. The student must be signed out in the Early Dismissal Book. Students may not be signed out after 2:00.

Vacations: It is hoped that parents will try to work in vacations in alliance with the school calendar. However, when this  is not possible, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Parents should inform the principal and teacher directly about additional vacation time requests
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make up the work missed when he/she returns

It is the responsibility of the student to make up any work that is missed. Work will be available upon return to school. Students away on vacation during the school year will receive missed work  upon return. A reasonable amount of time to complete assignments will be determined by the teacher.


An important component in the teamwork between parents and school is communication. Assumption has a web site where much important information can be found.

Each member of the faculty and staff has an email address. Parents may contact them at any time that is convenient through this method.

Rams’ Review, the weekly electronic communicator, will be posted each Tuesday.

Included in Rams’ Review will be correspondence from the school office, PTA, and other information. Parents/guardians should read Rams’ Review, print out what is necessary, and return any needed paperwork to school as soon as possible.  Notification will also be available via e-mail and/or the school app.

Reminders of special events or announcements of school closings will be made by telephone through our electronic phone tree.

Conferences will be held as needed to discuss the progress of the students. One mandatory conference is scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 20 and 21, 2018.


Respect of oneself and others is paramount in a Catholic school community. As a part of that respect, all members of the school community have the right to expect that information given to an individual will be kept in confidence. Teachers will keep confidential information entrusted to them so long as no one’s life, health, or safety is at stake. Parents will be promptly notified of any teacher’s concerns.

Religious Education

In a Christian atmosphere, our students receive daily education in religious truths and traditions. Liturgical services, prayer services, and other forms of devotion suitable to the needs of the students are also included in our   Religious Education Program. All students are required to take the religion courses and participate in any religious service conducted as part of the regular school program.

Reception of the Sacraments First Penance, First Holy Communion, Confirmation

These sacraments are parish based with direction coming from the parish at which the family is registered. Parents will be notified by their parish when meetings and workshops are scheduled so that they can assist in the preparation of their children for the sacraments.

Before and After School Programs

School doors open at 7:35 AM for student arrival. Your child is expected to be picked up at dismissal by 2:25.

Supervision is available at a charge before or after these times. Students may be dropped off at the cafeteria doors from 7:00-7:35.

On regular dismissal days, an After School Program is available until 5:30 PM. On four hour dismissal days an afternoon program is available until 3:00. There is no After School Program on the last day before holidays.

Students are not permitted in the school after dismissal unless they are attending a school sponsored activity in progress. At the conclusion of the activity, students must be picked up or attend to After School Program. Students who do not attend the program regularly should bring a note from their parent/guardian requesting the child be sent to the After School Program for that day. Teachers need to know a change in transportation at the end of the day.  Without a note, the child will be sent home in their usual fashion. Please help us to avoid confusion in this matter.


Transportation is provided by the school district in which the child lives. Safety and proper behavior are required of all students riding a bus. It is the right and responsibility of the bus driver to report any student’s misconduct to the principal through a form School Bus Incident Report to Parents. A copy of the bus driver’s report will be sent to the parent of the child reported.

All misconduct forms sent to parents are to be signed and returned to the principal on the next day of school. If a student continually violates safety or courtesy practices, they will be suspended from riding the bus. Fighting or flagrant disrespect to the bus driver or other passengers will result in immediate suspension from the bus.

If there is any change in transportation home the child must have a dated noted. Children may not go home on any bus other than in the district that they reside. If your child wishes to go to another child’s house, notes must be received from both parents.

All changes in dismissal transportation must be called into the school office before 2:00 pm to insure   a safe and orderly dismissal.

Morning Drop-Off

Car line-up at the school’s curb is STOP and DROP only. Students must exit on the sidewalk side and no adults are permitted to exit the car.

If students need assistance in leaving the vehicle (i.e./backpacks, lunches, etc) parents are to use the parent parking lot and students will then be crossed by the arrival supervisor.

U-turns are not permitted in the driveway at any time. The parking lot is to be used if earlier departure than buses  is required.

Dismissal Pick-up

Parents of students in grades one through eight are to remain across the driveway when picking up students at dismissal.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be dismissed in an assigned area to adults with proper identification. Adults are not permitted to wait inside of the lobby to remove students from dismissal lines.

All early-sign outs after school sponsored events (field trips, assemblies, liturgies, etc.) will be facilitated in the cafeteria- not in the main office.

The above are pages 3 and 4 of the handbook. Download the entire Student Handbook in Adobe Acrobat PDF format here:


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