Summer Reading and Work

Assumption Regional  Catholic School has compiled Summer Reading Lists that includes grade/age appropriate, well written, interesting books selected to engage and entertain our young readers.

Research tells us that children who read often are more likely to become good readers. Good readers are often more successful in school and beyond. It is our hope that the books on our recommended list encourage the life-long love of reading. Your child will read at least two books from the summer reading list.

A summer assignment is included at each grade level. The lists are for the grade your child completed during the 2020-2021 school year. The assignment will be discussed on the first day of school, graded at the teachers’ discretion, and will count as one homework grade.

Tips for Families

Combine Activities with Books

Summer leaves lots of time for kids to enjoy fun activities such as going to the park, seeing a movie, or going to the beach. Why not also encourage them to read a book about the activity? If you’re going to a baseball game, suggest your child read a book about his or her favorite player beforehand. In the car or over a hot dog, you’ll have lots of time to talk about the book and the game.

Visit the Library

If your child doesn’t have a library card, summer is a great time to sign up. In addition to a wide selection of books to borrow, many libraries have fun, child-friendly summer reading programs.

Lead by Example

Read the newspaper at breakfast, pick up a magazine at the doctor’s office, and stuff a paperback in your beach bag. If kids see the adults around them reading often, they will understand that literature can be a fun and important part of their summer days.

Have Plenty of Material

Storybooks aren’t the only thing that kids can read for fun. Be sure to have newspapers, magazines, and informational material on hand that might spark the interest of a young reader.

Read Aloud

Take your children to see a local storyteller or be one yourself. The summer months leave extra time for enthusiastic read-alouds with children no matter what their age.