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Student Dress Code

All Uniforms are available through from Flynn and O’Hara Uniform Company.  (flynnohara.com)

Girls K-4

Winter uniform:

Peter pan blouse, Uniform tunic style jumper with cardigan uniform sweater or plaid uniform skort with         vest/v-neck sweater, navy blue tights or knee socks and Mary-Jane style black shoes

Summer uniform (optional):

Uniform plaid uniform skort, white uniform polo shirt (banded), navy knee socks, and Mary-Jane style with strap black shoes

Girls 5-8

Winter uniform:

Oxford collared shirt, uniform skirt or uniform skort (of appropriate length), v-neck/vest uniform sweater, navy blue tights or knee socks,and black flat shoes

Summer uniform (optional):

Uniform uniform skort (of appropriate length), white uniform polo shirt, navy blue knee socks, and black flat shoes

Boys 2-8

Winter uniform:

Uniform slacks (with navy/black belt), oxford collared shirt, uniform tie, v-neck/vest uniform sweater, black oxford shoes, and blue/black socks

Summer uniform (optional):

Uniform shorts (with navy/black belt), uniform polo shirt, black oxford shoes, and blue/black socks


Kindergarten and Grade One: are not required to wear ties as part of the winter uniform.

Gym Uniform

Winter uniform                                                                            Summer uniform (optional)

Uniform sweatpants                                                             Uniform shorts

Tee shirt Tee shirt

Uniform sweatshirt only on gym days

School issued team shirts are acceptable

All students are required to wear the proper uniform in the manner it is designed to be worn.  Skirt length is no more than two inches above the knee, shorts fingertip length.  Girls may wear clear nail polish and nails should be kept at an appropriate length for school. Make-up is not permitted. Hair styles should be neat, not distracting, and natural hair color.

Boys’ hair should not touch the collar and should be out of the eyes. They are also expected to be clean-shaven. No visible tattoos or body piercing. Girls with pierced ears may wear one earring per lobe. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings in school.

Eighth grade students may be given special privileges to adjust their uniform at the discretion of the principal.

Occasionally a casual dress day may be scheduled. Students should come to school dressed appropriately for a Catholic school setting. Shoes should be closed and an appropriate height for school activities. If teachers or administration judge the dress as inappropriate, parents will be requested to bring a change of clothing to the school.

Dates for summer/winter uniforms will be determined by the principal.