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Why we are Walshy’s Warriors


Occasionally you come across a person, who – on first blush appears to be absolutely out of his mind, but you come to realize has been gifted with the unique ability to positively impact young lives, families and communities.  This man’s name is Bill Walsh – also known as “Coach Walsh”, “Walshy” or simply “Walsh!”.

   Recently, Walshy was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease – a degenerative neurological disease with no known cure.

   Walshy’s Warriors has come together to support Bill, Cindy and Kelly in three basic areas – palliative and home care, long term financial stability and funding Kelly’s education.  There are many facets to supporting a friend with ALS, but the reality of the financial stresses and making care decisions based on budget are truly disheartening.  Our primary goal is to relieve the financial burden associated with living with ALS and create a support system for Bill and his family.

   That is not going to come at a discount.  Research indicates that living with ALS is an expensive proposition and will require significant resources, therefore Walshy’s Warriors round one fundraising goal is $500,000.  Let that sink in… you’re right, that’s alot money, and while you do, please be aware that we’ve already received gifts of $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.  That is a true testament to who Bill Walsh is and what he means to our community.

   We invite you to participate in the Walshy’s Warriors 100 Day Challenge – we will raise $500,000 in 100 days!  We’ve been afforded a $30,000 head start – are you up to the challenge?  According to Walshy, Grandmom Walsh only said two things – “If there’s time for leaning, there’s time for cleaning” and “Many hands make light work” – we need 2500 kind souls to ante up just $200 each.  It’s that simple!  Let’s get in with it, get on with it, get done with it and get out!

   On behalf of Coach Walsh, his family and Walshy’s Warriors – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your anticipated support of our friend!

Please make checks payable to

Bill Walsh – PO Box 1701  Absecon NJ 08201


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